Name: Aaron
Nicknames: Applesauce, Dogii
Pronouns: He/Him, They/Them
Other: Gay, Transgender, watch kaiji bro
yes this site is very cringy but i like it that way!

i am really bad at self introductions but hi im aaron i really like kaiji atm and just updated my site to hopefully look like neopets!
i'm fairly shy and tend to not know what to do socially so please be patient with me! i really do like to make friends though so if we have any common intrests hmu!

MBTI: INFP-T (Mediator)
Astrology: Leo sun, Taurus moon, Sagittarius rising
Enneagram: 9w1
Digibro's Nerotyping Chart: Newtype / Shadow Guardian

"But about that... What should I do?
Its true I am a "cute brat", but is any part of that really my fault? I hate being like this as well.
But this is who I am... This is me, so I can't do anything about it.
But still... Even if I feel like that, it's who I am.
So I have to love myself. I hate to love myself, who I hate so much. I need to become like a God, so that I can love myself no matter how I am."
-Nadeko Sengoku, Monogatari Series Second Season Episode 26




204 months


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Hobbies / Non-Specific Intrests
Anime Figures - Bad Shark Movies - Baking - Beanie Babies - Birdwatching - Cottagecore - Plushies

AnoHana - BEASTARS - Chobits - Clannad - Gabriel Drop-Out! - Girls Last Tour - [email protected] - Jojo's Bizare Adventure - K-On! - Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor - Konosuba - Love Is War - Love Live! - Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions - Mob Psycho 100 - Monogatari - Neon Genesis Evangelion -Welcome To The NHK! - School-Live! - Spice And Wolf - Tamako Market - The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya - Toradora - Yu Yu Hakusho

A Short Hike - Ace Attorney - Animal Crossing - Danganrompa - Dogz - HypMic - Katawa Shoujo - Kirby - Legend Of Zelda - Love Live! School Idol Festival - Pokemon - Undertale - Yakuza

Buraiden Gai - Devilman (1972) - Gambling Apocolypse Kaiji - Gin To Kin - Kase-San Series - The Way of the Househusband


Mains / Cores
Nozomi Tojo (love live) - Kazuya Hyoudou (kaiji)

Koyomi Araragi (monogatari series) - Misaki Nakahara (welcome to the nhk) - Shinji Ikari (evangellion) - Ayumu Kasuga / Osaka (azumanga daioh) - Yuu Ishigami (kaguya-sama: love is war)

this is all just for fun :) i do not believe i am / was these characters.

Comfort Characters

Crushes / Husbansos
Kaiji Itou (kaiji)
Kazuma Kuwabara (yu yu hakusho)
Dice Arisugawa (hypmic)

they make me smile
Haruhi Suzumiya (the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya) - Mayoi Hachikuji (monogatari series) - Holo (spice and wolf)

Kaiji Itou from the hit-manga-series-but-only-really-in-japan Gambling Apocalypse Kaiji is my fictional husband i love him very much and think about him so much in fact that i cannot get anything productive done :)
i wish the english language had words powerful enough to describe the immense joy i get from looking at him and daydreaming about him. Kaiji is incredibly moe and his many faults makes him even cuter. please i beg if you have not read/watched Kaiji to do it now especially if i know you irl i have just been spamming my boyfriend with kaiji stuff and hes getting sick of it!
Together since 4/5/2020

Also while you are here, heres the twitter! if my family finds my website im ok with them knowing im a kinnie and a weeb but not a degenerate for some reason!
don't worry, its just alot of retweets
pet kaiji to be let out

kaiji simp lol

i very much in love

And if you choose to stay here are 100 reasons i love kaiji (in no particular order) inspired by @shinjilkari on twitter
1: himbo. quite the idiot but has a good heart
2: despite being in near death situations for most of the story where nobody would blame his morality he still very much cares for people and his place in society is showing of that
3: On that note, even though he does care for others he is still morally grey, tending to do petty crimes and having a strong sense of revenge
4: his emotions flip flop all the time. if he feels like hes in charge of a situation hes a total dick and will play it up constantly but the minute one of his plans doesn't work he cries. like alot. this dude cries alot.
5: hes a fucking tsundere
you know how i love tsunderes
6: his character growth is really good! how he starts of nieve and gets used until he grows a pair but looses his trust in others until the end of One Poker where he leaves gambling and makes real friends allowing him to both be cautious and trusting
7: along with that, dude really loves and appreciates his friends. even if they treat him bad or don't contribute to his plans he still blushes when he talks about them and loves them alot!! even though besides Chang and Mario they really don't deserve it!!
8: he makes a lot of weird noises, like even in the manga most of his speech mannerisms are grunts or screams.
9: hes smart in the most stupid way possible. like hes an amazing strategist and leader. but somehow has little to no intelligence in common sense. (spoilers for Against All Rules / Tobaku Hakairoku / Part 2) like he somehow manages to tilt a whole ass casino using cubes of water but then later realizes that he put them all in one corner. hes either a genius or at 2nd grade level intelligence and even the characters cant tell which one
10: hes like a lil stray dog
11: have you seen him?? once you get used to fukumotos art style hes super pretty!!
12: his long kinda tangled hair,, i very desperately want to feel it
13: seeing him in The 2.4 Billion Escape Arc (part 6) where hes stopped gambling and is just chilling with his bros in a camper van for like 100 chapters revives my soul. fukumoto is to mean to his characters let kaiji rest and be happy
14: chibi kaiji from Fukumoto All Stars is so cute,, even if its just a bastardization of him i don't even care that his only trait in this spin off is that hes lazy scum hes still adorable
15: his unintentionally very homoromantic relationship with Kazuya in parts 3, 4, and 5,, seriously how is kazuya this gay. and the ending of one poker,, i cried bullets
16: weird one but the scars are kinda hot ngl. the one cool thing about your favorite character going through a lot of pain is that they end up looking cool as fuck. if i was that dude holding kaijis right ear during e-card i might have taken a little nibble.
17: he has a horrible seance of fashion. fukumoto said that he based all of kaijis outfits out of stuff he wears and it shows. even live action kaiji looks like a disaster.
18: he has a certain charm? like he doesn't feel like other anime characters at all and even his design in the most bare bones sense has a completely different feel and personality than any other character or person? does that make sense?
19: hes a fucking idiot
20: that one conversation in the trailer park arc where kaiji is trying to convince two dudes not to read porn together but ends up just super flustered
21: kaiji doujins and fanfics man,, a whole new level. like hes the perfect character for that stuff you have no idea. there's like a billion scenarios, he has good chemistry with most of the cast, his personality could be seen as switch, the only complaint is that way too many are gory or noncon, but that's to be expected from the series. my personal favorites are Bad Communication, SaKai DJ, and Osorubeshi Macau
22: that moment every time kaiji makes an ally where they think hes a bit dumb but generally a good guy and then kaiji says something amazingly stupid and change their mind like 'how tf did this kid get this far hes a goddamn gambling junkie' and kaijis still talking but you see the other persons face drop as they realize they teamed up with an idiot
23: when he does the 😖 face
24: likewise, his dumb smug face. any face he makes is bound to be adorable
25: i want him to have my children
26: for some reason his body type changes alot through the series and as a conisuerrier of the various shirtless kaijis this makes me very happy. like part 1 hes muscular, part 2 twink, and parts 3+ chubby. god i cannot get enough.
27: extraordinarily kissable. like imagine holding his lil head,, and hhhhhhhhhhhh
28: how he can be kinda evil sometimes,, like how he used Mario and Chang's red lives in one poker with no hesitation cause 'you guys already bet on me so suck it up'. im just a sucker for morally grey charecters and whenever he pulls a stunt like that i hhhhhh
29: sometimes in parts 3+ he is seen with like point shark teeth and that is Very Good
30: PART 1 KAIJI he looks like a cryptid and its in that iconic pre-2000s style so hes expressive but dosen't have as many straight lines in his design. he looks so wonky and i love it.
31: hes really bad at singing. like kaijis charecter sings in the against all rules ending theme and it sounds like garbage but the voice actor Masato Hagiwara sings really good in other series meaning it was intentional and idk its a funny character quirk.
32: his first instinct in a fight is to bite the foot. cursed shit but unbelievably funny.
33: on that note dude can fight. you seen him kick andou or that other dude in the naked mirror room?? hot
34: that face he made half of the time in e-card that looked like 'what the fuck is this old man going on about' that then immediately turns to fear
35: when he eats in the anime and the way his mouth is animated is adorable. like he chomps and then squiggly line
36: someone on the s2 production team was horny and it shows. thank you to the person who gave us the very long shower scene. a godsend.
37: how he gets self conscious of his scars,, lil baby boy
38: on that note, how he tried to hide them from his mom because he didn't want to worry her in part 6 and like tried to cover up his ear and then when she did find out she was just happy it was still attached and then kaiji stops wearing the glove all the time,,,,,,,
39: he has the Lupin The Third lip thing sometimes in the anime,, you know what i'm talking about
40: extremely relatable. if you've seen kaiji you know at at least one point you kinda have a 'damn that's me' point and it kinda makes you feel closer to him
41: the headcannon that he cant wink. like he tries but his face is super scrunched and cant make it look natural like kazyuya and ichijou do
42: at the end of the bog arc how kaiji promises a rematch with ichijou to give him the confidence hes gonna need in the tenai labor camp,, ichijou being a complete dick to him like giving him a bloody manicure and cussing him out every time he breathes and then kaiji uses that to give him confidence,,
43: oh oh and during the steel beam crossing when kaiji started drawing lines on everyone's shoes and being the hype man,, like he looked so happy to be cared about
44: before the human derby when he was trying to convince himself that he was enemies with Sahara and Ishida
45: just generally the time between restricted rps and human derby was super cute. like how he handled the realization that he was being used and how capitalism is inherently evil to try and cover up his softness and paint himself as threatening hoping that nobody would get close to him,,,,, tsundere
46: his relationship with Sahara is adorable, i wish that they could have at least been friends for longer kaiji really needed that positivity in his life and i hate fukumoto for how he handled it. like how sahara knew that he was being way too uptight and not being honest with his feelings and toyed with that while building his trust more,,


Kaiji's Cons
1: hes taller than me (im 5'6 hes 5'10)
2: probably smells like cigarettes and cheap beer
thats about it


this is a work in progress, need to do schoolwork rip

Left To Right:
Nozomi Tojo - Shinji Ikari - Misaki Nakahara - Koyomi Araragi - Kazuya Hyoudou - Legoshi - Yuu Ishigami - Haru Nonaka - Kyon

Lesser so:
(characters i relate to but not as much as those)
Nadeko Sengoku - Clara Valac - Ayumu Kasuga / Osaka - Nagisa Furukawa - Hitori Bocchi - Papyrus