Aaron - 16yo - Bi - nb dude

my only graphic design experience is deviantart custom boxes so hopefully it dosen't look too much like that. thanks for stopping by, i just updated the site so it should be a bit fancier now!



whats up?


Nice to meet 'cha!

Hello! My name is Aaron and i like alot of things!! i'm generally pretty shy but when i really know someone i can open up better! Nature is very important to me, and probably my favorite thing is spending time with animals. In spite of this, i tend to be really geeky and get super obsessed with things fast. sorry to all my friends who don't care about anime for what i put you through.
Here is a list of my interests in alphabetical order:
Anime, Baking, Beanie Babies, Birds, Card Games, Caring for Animals, Digital art, Gemstones, Littlest Pet Shops, Plushies, Pokemon, and RPGs.
I really want to make friends as well, so if you are someone completely new or someone who we haven't hung out together for a while, please contact me! Please Do not interact if you have lewd intentions or are a christian or catholic


Lady Sadie Alicious
(sadie for short)
11 years old

('the rock dog')
between 1 and 4??

(we just call her cat)
12 years old

(tiny, the tortoise)
20-30 years old



Otherkin have been subject to alot of hate, so lets get through that quickly. Kinning an animal or character means that you relate to them alot. They can be from a completely different walk of life, but you feel really attached to them for some reason or another. It dosent mean that you ARE that character, only that they are close to you.

Nozomi Toujou
Love Live school idol project
Our motivations in life are very similar and I aspire to have the same calming aura as her

Koyomi Araragi
Kizumonogatari movies only
Koyomi feels like the darkest parts of myself, when depression hits and my thoughts go rampant.

Shinji Ikari
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Shinji's balancing wanting to help others and himself

The balances of feeling like a threat to others and holding yourself back from what you want

American crow
part of the Corvidae family
i've always wanted to be a crow, being able to sing for hours, poop on people's cars, and hop around in fields




dogiiboy #8716


How you doing?

im sad that i have to go to school,, this final stretch is making me anxious

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